About Get Outta This Mess

Do you get overwhelmed trying to budget? Planning your family’s meals when all you want to do is blog. Or read. Or any number of things that help you keep your sanity.

Work. Family. Whatever other commitments you have. It’s all about fitting it in to accomplish your goals and working smarter (vs harder am-i-right?)

Now let’s layer in that I (Renee) have a passion for data. Data has power. With an MS in Data Analytics, you can say I know how to go down a good data rabbit hole, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

I also have a family, friendships, health goals, and more.

Just like you.

Life. Things important to Renee.

I’m always looking for ways to turn everything I do into a process with guard rails to keep things running well.

I weave all of this in for a workflow to help me grow my business. I have 3 blogs with some related social media activity depending on the niche.

I use data in a low-maintenance way to help me focus my energy on a tight timeline.

And I want to help you find the same.

image of the author, renee

Please reach out if I can serve you!